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Hiking routes on the Lahn

Eine beliebte Wandertour Lahnwanderweg Lahn Dill Kreis Wetzlar Wanterrroute wanderweg etappen

The Lahn hiking trail leads 295 km over mountains and valleys, forests and meadows, towns and villages through the entire Lahn valley to the Rhine.

The length of the 19 stages is chosen so that there is enough time to enjoy and to discover the villages, towns, castles and palaces.
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Wandertour Bergmanns route wanderweg wetzlar lahn dill kreis nordic walking fahrradweg

Hike the miners' route on the Lahnwanderweg. The Lahn-Dill region was characterized by mining for a long time.

The 26-kilometer hike between Wetzlar and Braunfels can also be done in sections.

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Lahn Dill Bergland Naturpark schön zum wandern und Fahrradfahren

This beautiful natural park landscape invites every hiker to forget the time, to relax and to enjoy time in nature.

18 extra tours and the Lahn-Dill-Bergland-Path are all designed as circular hiking trails and are between 9 and 36 km long.

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3 Türme Wanderung Weg in Wetzlar Lahntal

The Wetzlar 3 Towers Trail is one of the Lahn facets, the certified hiking trails in the Lahn Valley. The trail was recognized as a “quality trail for cultural experiences” by the German Hiking Association. It leads around the former imperial city of Wetzlar for a good 20 kilometers. An abbreviation divides the trail into a 11.3-kilometer northern variant and a 15.7-kilometer southern variant. (Outdooractive)

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